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The Founder MD & CEO

Abhimanyu Sable

Founder MD & CEO

Mr. Abhimanyu Sable is Founder MD & CEO of ABS Fitness & Wellness Club. He has been in the field of fitness for last 15 years and has successfully trained more than 15000 people . Abhimanyu was also nominated for the "2003 ACE Fitness Professional of the Year Award" which was held in San Francisco USA in March 2003

I truly believe that in a short period of time the fitness industry will become as much a daily part of people's lives as grocery shopping. People need physical activity for a minimum of 30 minutes, three times a week to take care of their cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, stress reduction, weight control and general health. While awareness of the importance of fitness is now sweeping the nation

What will differentiate us in the marketplace is our focus on caring. It sets us apart as a fitness club and as a company to work with. Associates are encouraged to care for themselves through personal fitness and peak attitude. Secondly, staffs are encouraged to care for each other as Abs team members and to motivate one another to do their best for members. And most importantly, staff are asked to care for members, to look after their members' needs and interests as if their own.

Caring is the key value and philosophical component of the Abs culture. It attracts staff who care. It also attracts and keeps the type of members who consider caring to be an important component of their lives and life in general. In other words, we have decided to be a caring company!

Education Qualification of Abhimanyu Sable

  • Gold Standard Certified Health Fitness InstructorSM from the American College of Sports Medicine (Atlanta, Georgia) Year 2002.
  • Club Management Program. Life Fitness Academy. 2002.
  • Certified Aquatic strength Trainer from Aquatic Exercise Association, Long Island, NY, 1999.
  • Post Injury Fitness Units from Desert South West Fitness from Atlanta Atlanta, USA in 1999.
  • Trained in Advanced Flexibility Training from Power of Excellence, New York, USA in 1999.
  • Certified Fitness Trainer from International Sports Sciences Association, New York, USA, in 1996.
  • Specialist in Performance Nutrition from International Sports Sciences Association NY in 1996.
  • Senior First Aid (American Red Cross) & Senior first Aid (St. John Ambulance Association) CPR Certificates in 1999.
  • MBA from Pune.
  • BSc. from Poona University.

meet our team

the people that started it all

Charushila Sable is the CMD-Abs For Her, Radiologist at Abs Fitness & Wellness Club

Charushila Sable

CMD-Abs For Her | Radiologist

Shekhar Sable is the Director, Business Developmentat Abs Fitness & Wellness Club

Shekhar Sable

Director: Business Development

Shantanu Sable is VP - Operations at Abs Fitness & Wellness Club

Shantanu Sable

VP - Operations

Sanam Thaver is the General Manager for the Magarpatta branch of Abs. She has been working in Abs since Apr 2005. Her responsibilities include making sales strategies, day to day management of the sales department, PR with members and making sure the sales targets are met.

Sanam Thaver

General Manager

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